Encountered an error (Forbidden) from extensions API.

When trying to deploy a Logic App to Azure from an ARM template, I encountered this error:

Encountered an error (Forbidden) from extensions API.

This error message was generic enough to be completely unhelpful. No further details were present in the logs, even with the system.debug (verbose) flag set.

I eventually found an article describing the right issue for me. In short, it was because my Logic App calls an Azure Function App, and at the point of deployment the relevant Function App was in the Stopped state.

Presumably, this error happens if your logic app calls a URL which can’t be used at the point of deployment. The error is thrown even though the deployment is actually successful (or at least appears to have updated the Logic App correctly).

The Forbidden response, and the lack of any other info in the error, made this one trickier to resolve than it should have been. Obviously this issue would have been picked up at run time anyway.

Just started up the relevant Function App, and deployments completed without error.

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  1. More than a year after posting, this post is still relevant and has helped me solving this very fast. Thanks!

  2. Thank you, was going crazy as it wasn’t immediately obvious as i was deploying to a development slot that was stopped.

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