SSO Administration won’t open

In BizTalk 2016 there’s a problem where you can’t open the SSO Administration MMC. You hit Start > Enterprise Single Sign-on > SSO Administration, and… nothing happens. Sad times πŸ™

Fear not, this one’s pretty easy to solve with either a workaround or a fix. You need the BizTalk install media for the full fix.

To workaround: open plain old MMC.exe on its own. Then use File > Open, and navigate to ENTSSO (usually at: β€œ\Program Files\Common Files\Enterprise Single Sign-On”). You’re in.

To fix: you need the install media. Mount the ISO, get yo’self into a command prompt and then run this command:

"<Install media drive>:\BizTalk Server\Platform\SSO64\Setup.exe" /quiet /ADDLOCAL froot

Only takes a second or two to run, and your Start menu link to SSO Administration should be working again.

Credit to NiklasEngfelt for the full fix, which I found here.

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